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Ben Gordon

Ben has been on the radar for a long time now. Frequenting Manchester with the BNGBNG Crew he's been picked up by United BMX and 4Down and has been smashing it ever since.

Whats your name and where are you from?
Ben Gordon, from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.
Whats your favorite part on your bike?
I'd probably say my left crank as it's pretty much a fifth peg to me.
Any special stickers or things you've customised on your bike?
I once used the flanges from a pair of grips as hub guards when I was around 11, but I don't have any cool mods going on at the minute. 
Favourite jam/contest you've been too?
Has to be the BNGBNGMCR X Dub street jam we did earlier this year, that got far too out of hand.
Whats your worst crash/injury from riding?
I've been pretty lucky as far as injuries go, I roll my ankles all the time and my knee is falling apart but nothing too major.
What your favorite thing to do apart from riding?
I played drums in my band for around 7 years but things have fizzled out as they've all headed off to separate universities. Drumming is definitely the second favourite past time to riding.  
Who's your favourite rider you look up to? Do they have a video part you can link?
Nathan Williams is hands down the best rider ever, I've always looked up to his riding. Every one of his video parts stand out but I'd say his still united one is particularly insane. 
Favorite beverage after a long ride?
A few tinnies on Urbis never go amiss. 
Whats your favorite place to ride?
Anywhere new, there's so many amazing spots I've been to a bunch but nothing beats stumbling upon a hidden gem in some grotty estate. 

Ben has recently been filming for the forthcoming United BMX DVD, has also featured in previous trips and is also going to be in the next BNGBNGMCR feature.

Frame: United Incarnate - Harry Mills Wakely colourway 
Forks: United Dinero
Bars: United Air Jordan 
Front wheel: United Supreme hub laced to a United Pact rim 
Rear Wheel: United Supreme freecoaster hub laced to a United Pact rim
Tyres: United Direct 
Pegs: United Stealth plastic pegs
Cranks: United Severance 
Pedals: United Valentino 
Sprocket: United Rotary 
Stem: United Purge 
Grips: United Team grips
Seat: United Reborn tripod 

You can check out Ben on instagram: @bengdonbmx

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