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Charlotte Worthington

Charlotte's been an unstoppable force since dropping her scooter for BMX and joining the British Olympic team, the tap doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon! Being on the British Cycling BMX team has seen her fly around the world riding BMX, and winning comps! We sat her down while she was back in Manchester for a few hours and caught up with her:

Whats your name and where are you from?
Charlotte Worthington, from Manchester

Whats your favorite part on your bike?
Not sure I have a favorite it’s all so pretty!

Any special stickers or things you've customized on your bike?
I have a scooter headset top cap from my actual scooter three years go!
And only some cheeky Alans BMX stickers, otherwise I keep it pretty
clean cut.

Whats it like riding for the team?
It’s awesome! I never imagined I could ride my bike, travel the world and
live a healthy lifestyle for a living, I guess I don’t get to eat as much
chocolate as I’d like but I’ve got the rest of my life to smash the milky bar
buttons and bevvies. I feel very proud and lucky to have this opportunity.

How are you finding the move down south?
Its alright, it’s not Manchester, but it’s great for keeping focused and
being able to ride and train with our boys; some of the best riders in the
country. Riding at Adrenaline Alley means I’m always surrounded by
people who want to send it and progress, so it’s totally worth it for my

Favourite jam/contest you've been too?
Any of the fish stops are totally mental I love it, especially if you’re
spectating what a show!

Whats your worst crash/injury from riding?
Back when I rode a scooter I chipped my pelvis, on my BMX I broke my
ankle and tore some ligament, also had a 45 minute concussion so take
your pick!

What your favourite thing to do apart from riding?
I love photography and it’s a good excuse to be a tourist, and I’m a bit of
a foodie too.

Who's your favourite rider you look up to?
Logan Martin is one of the riders at the top of my list, for his consistent
bangers and winning attitude; very aspirational.

Favourite beverage after/during a long ride?
beverage like… a protein shake ? ;)

Have you been overseas to ride? Favorite place?
I first took my bike over seas in 2018 and not stopped since then, so
many amazing places but as far as riding goes I love America

Why is it your favorite place?
The ramps are bigger than everything in England, the sessions get lit,
the weather is great and you have the amazingly unhealthy tasty food!

Whats it like riding in the contest scene overseas there compared to the
The riding is next level, mens and women class. It’s a bit more intense
as with the points there’s more on the line.

What are you most proud of this year? And whats the plan going forward?
I’m super proud to represent my country overseas in BMX and I’m trying my best
to get to the top!

You can check out Charlotte on Instagram @chazworther

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