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1988 Haro Lineage Frames Coming Soon

We news that we will have some of the 1988-based Haro Lineage Master and Sport frames. These are base don the classic 1988 models but updated it for today's riding with all modern features like integarated hedatubes, Mid BB's, modern geometry and longer toptubes. Original '88 colours and graphics.  

These will be available to pre-order soon for delivery 2021, TBA. 

Haro 1988 Lineage Master 21" Frame Black/Chrome

Haro 1988 Lineage Team Master 20.5" Frame Turquoise/Mint/Chrome

Haro 1988 Lineage 20.5" Sport Frame Blue/Black/Chrome

Haro 1988 Lineage 20.75" Team Sport Frame Black/Chrome


  • 100% 4130 chromoly construction with heat treated HT/BB/DO/CS
  • 1 1/8″ Integrated Headtube
  • Hour glass Mid BB shell
  • Tapered chain stays
  • Platform wishbone top tube, butted down tube and externally CNC machined seat tube (25.4mm seatpost required)
  • 8mm investment cast Lineage dropouts with integrated axle tensioner hardware
  • Geometry – 11.5″ BB, 13.75″ RC, 75 HT angle, 71 ST angle, 9″ standover
  • 5.3 lbs
  • Frame only, fork not included, but we have Haro Lineage forks to suit
  • We can built this classic into a complete bike for you

Images of these frames as complete bikes that we can build to your spec:

Excerpts from the 1988 Haro catalog:


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