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2020 Haro Lineage Bashguard Bikes

Production is gearing up for the 2020 Haro Bashguard bikes! 

This year the Master is returning in "new" original; 1990 Zolatone and Smoked Chrome colourways both of which look amazing. 

New for 2020 is the 1990-inspired Sport models in Gloss Black and Neon Yellow. 

Despite production cost increases we have managed to get the retail price down to £1299.99. Lastly, the surprise hit of last year, there are 26" version of the Master in Zolatone and the Sport in Neon Yellow and these are the same price. Numbers will be very limited for this year with the change of Haro UK distribution. 

The bikes are on schedule for a May delivery but we will keep you posted. We ship worldwide remember. 

You can place a deposit now of £100 to secure your bike and we will be coming up with something as a thank you for those who place a pre-order, details to follow. Give us a call on 01942 826598

See the bikes here. 


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