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2021 Haro Lineage Bikes To Pre Order Now

This week, in what has become a great annual tradition in the old school (now mid school) BMX world, our own Punxsutawney Phil, John Buultjens comes out of hibernation and predicts the Haro Lineage bikes for coming year. John's Haro project has taken him from the Vans x Haro Freestyler colab bike from 2014 onto the Lineage concept which is now widely regarded as "the way to do this", with an obsessive level of detail and quality control. For 2021 the Lineage line clicks over to 1991 continuing the 30 year rolling programme; Lineage takes the styling and original design features of a Haro classic and reworks it for modern riding with all the latest technology, fit and materials. Nothing is left on the table when John comes to design these bikes down to the finest detail. Yes, they could be cheaper by not using chrome rims, or an 8 spline crank or a tri-moly frame and still be good to look at, but who really wants that to be their legacy at what is probably the greatest BMX brand of all?

What is interesting is that we will probably sell more of these 2021 Haro's than we originally did in 1991, as BMX was probably at it lowest point then and even Haro's line up was one of the smallest in years, reflecting the low ebb of BMX in a pre-X Games era.

Here is a link to the original 1991 catalog and you can see how compact the range is and interestingly the fact that the Group 1 race bikes at the the front of catalogue. Hey, how cool would it to have a 22" Group 1 in this colourway John!

Delivery is Summer 2021. 













Onto the bikes then. We'll start with the Air Master as that's had the most fanfare. For 2021 Haro switched back to water transfer graphics with a clear lacquer over the top, as it was almost impossible to get a regular decal not to crease on the downtube. It also means that the graphics can wrap fully around the tubing in a way the originals couldn't. Toptube length is 20.5" which I guess is a mid size for modern frames, it's 100% cromo of course. Fork, Kneesaver bars etc are the same as this year. The Fusion seat is super cool, it is actually padded but mimics the original plastic Fusion seat and is Stealth Pivotal which means it attaches from underneath (no hole in the top like Pivotal seats) so the look is super clean. The matching Pivotal seatpost is a good length so you can run it high for cruising or matching your seat to handlebar height for balance tricks. The gearing is changed for this year, John went with 39/14 which is roughly the same ratio as 44/166 or 25/9 for that matter and visually is right between the two with a new Fusion disc. Cranks are the awesome alloy Fusion cranks as before and we love these. The wheels are new for 2021; with a new Fusion sealed hub and John had Odyssey supply their 34mm-wide Aerospace rim in chrome with cool Fusion by Odyssey decals. Hubs and rims are genuine chrome plated and 36 hole, the rims are welded so we shouldn't get chrome issues from the pinned Lineage rims* The rest of the parts are all high-end Lineage. The bike is available to order here or if you prefer you can just pay a £100 deposit for now

Next up is the Haro Sport in the Neon Green/Yellow. It has the same component upgrades as Air Master with the longer 21" Sport design single toptube frame, 39/14 gearing, the new wheels, etc. The Sport was always more of a ramp bike. NOTE: stem and pegs will be black as per the 1991 bike. Buy one here now or just pay a £100 pre-order deposit

New and very exciting for 2021 is Haro Ground Master. We think this is the bike that most of our customers will actually want to ride and use to relearn  some Freestyle Moves. Rather than just make this a "kind of" Flatland Master John has gone all-out to build a bike that you can actually do flatland on. Back in 1991 it was one of the very first "flatland" specific bikes; the 2021 model uses a shorter totally unique 19.5" toptube frame with a 15mm offset flatland-specific fork. We're back to micro gearing on this and a new Fusion disc with a Freecoaster Fusion hub laced to the chrome Fusion rims and 2.0" HPF tyres. Haro fitted the Group 1 cranks to the Ground Master in 165mm (as the alloy Fusion cranks don't come in the shorter that flatland riders use). You can order one now if you like or place a £100 pre order deposit

Last but not least, although we don't images of these, there will be 26" versions of the Air Master and Sport bikes. 

Haro 2021 Air Master 26" to buy now or £100 pre order deposit

Haro 2021 Sport 26" to buy now or £100 pre order deposit

* Chrome rims are not guaranteed against peeling or flaking though. 

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