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BSD 2020 BMX Parts Now Available

BSD 2020 BMX Parts

Brand new BSD parts are now available for 2020

With plenty of new parts including Frames, Pedals, Sprockets, Seats and more. Also brand new CARBON GREY and STEEL BLUE Colour ways available also.

NEW Blue Steel BSD Aero Pro Rims

The BSD Aero Rim gets an update with the new Blue Steel version.

The new BSD Aero Pro Rim may look like a lightweight rim but don’t let it’s aerodynamic styling fool you. Like it’s big brother, the NASA rim, it’s design has been engineered with strength as the key feature. The Aero Pro rim has extra thick tapered sidewalls, angled spoke seats designed to accommodate proven cross-over lacing and a curved inner strut. It also has two intra cavity supports further increasing the radial stiffness and axial strength.

NEW Blue Steel and Carbon Grey BSD Dan Paley Slims Grips

Brand new Carbon Grey and Blue Steel colours in the super popular BSD Paley Slims Grips along with Black and Surplus Green being carried on.

The BSD Paley Slims Grips are a slimmer 29mm grip that are 160mm and include the BSD M-Cap Bar Ends

NEW Carbon Grey BSD David Grant Dunks Grips

New Carbon Grey BSD Dunks Grips now available along with the standard Black.

NEW Carbon Grey BSD NASA Rims

The BSD NASA Rims now comes in Carbon Grey.

The BSD NASA Rim is designed to be stiff both laterally and radially.

Based on an I-beam design with extra thick tapered sidewalls, tapered spoke seats, cross over lacing and a curved inner strut. Intergalactic.

NEW BSD Safari Pedal Colours

New for 2020 the now classic BSD Safari Pedal now comes in Steel Blue and Carbon Grey to match the other parts being launched.

The BSD Safari Pedals feature 20 hexagonal pins per side with extra ones on the edges so your pedals can take some abuse while still maintaining their grip. A true dual concave design and knurling ensures that you can have plastic pedals and grip.

NEW BSD Leezus Handles Colours

Brand new for 2020 the BSD Leezus Grips have already found a home on riders set-ups. A nice alternative to the Paley grips.

Leezy was cutting the inner flange off his Paley Slims Grips so that the mushroom part of the grip went right to the end. His reason being that that it was comfier to catch barspins on. We designed the new BSD Leezus Handles around that idea, coupled with our new softer stickier compound these slim grips feel as good as they look.

NEW BSD Jonesin' Pedals

Brand spanking for 2020 the new BSD Jonsin' Pedals are Sam Jones signature pedal and not just a refresh of the BSD Safari Pedals.

The BSD Jonesin’ pedal is the little brother of the BSD Safari pedal, designed using the same basic principles of extra hexagonal studs and a true dual concave DX style platform but with a slimmer body for a closer to the axle feel...
True dual concave design, Knurled surface for extra grip, 18 optimally placed hexagonal pins per side

NEW BSD 2020 Safari Seats

New colours in the popular BSD Safari Seats. Now in a Fat size with Pivotal fitment and 3 colours, OG Giraffe, Moonlight Safari and Midnite Safari.

New for 2020, a throwback to the original BSD Safari Seat but in a more popular Fat size and in some wild colours to match the 2020 BSD Safari frame colours...

Reed Stark signature series seat the BSD Safari Seat, Fat Pivotal design, Heavy duty canvas with giraffe print, Embroidered BSD patch 

NEW BSD 2020 Jonesin' Guard Sprocket

Sam Jones is on a roll for 2020 and the release of his signature bashguard sprocket is a welcome addition to the new 2020 BSD product range. 25 tooth only for extra grind clearance and plastic replaceable bashguard to keep things slippery. The BSD Jonein' Guard Sprocket

Sam Jones chose the plastic guard from the Barrier sprocket and coupled it with a classic look solid chainring to create the new Jonesin’ sprocket. 25t only for the rail crew...

- Super tough 7075 sprocket, High density nylon guard, Hardened chromo hardware

There is also a bunch more new BSD 2020 products added to the website, click the banner on the homepage or search BSD in the search bar.

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