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Fly Racing Helmet and Glove Restock

Today we got a much-needed restock of Fly Racing's popular Default Helmet and well as some their F-16 gloves gloves in kids sizes. 

Not that many years ago if you wanted an entry level full-face helmet for BMX or MTB your mattes would see you coming a mile off if your new naff lid. In fact back in '81 we used to joke about the awful Boeri helmets kids we saw at the track. Of course we were being arseholes just because we had Simpson, Premier or Bell helmets. If you were lucky it had a built-in faceguard or you had a Jofa or JT mouthrap guaranteed to cause irrevocable facial disfigurement in the event of a face plant. These helmets were polycarbonate and I remember them coming with warning not to put stickers on as it would affect the helmet's structure! What kid doesnt want to cover their helmet in stickers like the pros?

Tucker's Tornados, March 1981. 

Fast forward to 2020 and we now have a super lightweight helmets like this Fly Racing Default helmet, that look as good as £350 helmets. 

Designed for BMX Racing, FreeRide and DH Mountain Biking, the Default features an aerodynamic poly-alloy shell, sharp graphics, 21 vents to keep you cool on hot race days, removable and washable liner and cheek pads, padded chin strap with a D-ring closure, aluminium visor screws, and a CSPC certified EPS foam liner for protection. All for an entry-level price point. 

The Default comes in Kids S, M, L and Adult sizes XS, S, M, L & XL and we have them in four colours. Please note these are for non-motorised use only, Fly Racing do make a good ACU-approved helmet if that's what you need (we don't sell those, but a good motocross shop would). 


In this delivery of Default helmets we received four colourways:

Fly Racing Helmet Dither Matt White/Black

Fly Racing Default Helmet Dither Teal/Hi-Viz Yellow

Fly Racing Default Helmet Matt Black/Grey

Fly Racing Default Helmet Dither Hi-Viz Yellow/Black


Fly Racing F-16 Gloves

We also got Fly Racing's F-16 gloves. This is a nice lightweight glove that's suitable for BMX, mountain bike and motocross with new cleaner graphics for this year. Fly Racing are one of the few companies who have kids gloves going down to really small sizes - Kids 3XS in fact (see size chart below).

We have three colourways to choose from: Black, Navy/Blue/White and Red/Black/White.

All these available to order from Alans BMX online or in store at our shop in Wigan town centre: 49 Wallgate, Wigan, WN1 1BE. 





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