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GT Parts for Pre Order

We just had confirmation of our GT parts order for Spring 2021. These are parts are exclusive to Alans BMX in the UK and probably Europe too. I know this seems like a long while off, but the net production run could be a long while off or even worse some parts may not even get made again. They are due Mid-April and the dates GT give us are normally pretty accurate, however we know COVID is still causing manufacturing backlogs in the Far East.

The range falls into the categories, which roughly fall into Heritage (old school), Retro (to for modern bikes) and Bikelife parts. Some things cross over like the Power Series alloy cranks which suit a modern build, an old school bike or a wheelie machine. 

First off are the tyres. The LP-5 Heritage tyre is simply awesome, the skinwall is really authentic and the tread is spot-on, just in 20x1.75 size and as well as black, for the first time we will have these in white with a skinwall. The last time we got these they only lasted a couple of days. 

For the Bikelife crew, for the first time we have the Smoothie tyres that come equipped on the Pro Series bikes, in 26 and 29 inch sizes in a 2.5" width. The Smoothie is has a smooth ultra tacky tread area and micro texturing on corners to hold while swerving.

Finally we are getting these cool genuine GT sticker packs with logos from across the decades. Printed on clear vinyl.  

One of the maddest things of 2020 - and I think you'll agree there's been a few - who could have predicted that pad sets would make a comeback in every part of BMX except the discipline that they were invented for! Rejoice true believers, we have 1989 GT Pad sets in two colours and Dyno 1987 design pads in two colours as well.

The GT Power Series alloy cranks are due back in stock in polished, now with black laser etched logos like the originals. The cranks themselves although keeping the same profile, have been upgraded considerably with a new 22mm square spindle, steel inserts for the pedal threads to eliminate stripping and they are now left and right hand drive compatible. These cranks are at a home on pretty much any type of BMX bike and for the first time we also have the matching 22mm American bottom bracket to go with these in polished (can also be used as a Mid BB, just knock the bearing out of the alloy cups).

GT have conveniently remade mid-school classic, the Overdrive sprocket in black/polished now in 25T for modern bikes and remember do actually have some in stock right now in 28T Overdrive all polished



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