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Haro Prototype Master and Sport Frame & Fork Packages Almost Sold Out

The First Generation Innovation project celebrates a twelve-month period of product development at Haro Designs in 1984 – a year that delivered three evolved versions of two legendary, game-changing, freestyle models – the first dedicated vert bike - the Haro Sport, and the bike that set the standards in BMX Freestyle for over a decade - the Haro Master. Manufactured by Torker BMX in Fullerton, Orange County, the first generation models were launched as frame and fork combinations in the spring of 1984. During the summer, Haro reached another milestone before its competitors when it commenced manufacturing of the Haro Sport as a complete Freestyle bike.

35-Years later, in celebration of Haro’s role as a leading innovator in the formative freestyle scene, we are producing 300 replica frame and fork sets. Using USA sourced raw materials and era correct manufacturing processes, we produce these two iconic models in the heartland of the 1980s BMX Industry – Santa Ana, California. The First Generation Haro Master, and Prototype, single-top-tube “Mike Dominguez” Haro Sport, are packaged with replica jerseys, custom pad sets, and presented in custom display boxes. This is your opportunity to support an authentic history project from the first brand in Freestyle; Haro Designs. 

There is a very small amount coming to the UK, place your order now for end of May approx. Order now, these will be sold out by the time we get them:

Haro Sport Mike Dominguez Prototype Frame and Fork Package

Haro Master Bob Haro Prototype Frame and Fork Package

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