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Latest S&M Clothing Drop NOW IN STOCK

Just landed, the latest and greatest from S&M. With 2 new T-Shirt designs, 2 Sweaters and a Hoodie plus loads of noggin toppers aswell (Caps/Beanies) these look absolutely awesome and great for winter. With the Zissou Beanies SMU Snapbacks and Dio or Demon T-Shirts there is a bit for everyone

S&M Zissou Beanie

In Black or Red, the Zissou beanie is a slimmer fit beanie with a embroided S&M Shield logo on the front. £19.99 each

S&M SMU 5 Panel Snapback Cap

Fresh docker style 5 Panel caps. The S&M SMU Snapback feature the larger front logo with small braided cord across the peak. In Black or Camo flavours. £24.99 each

S&M Dio T-Shirt Black

The OG Rocker Holy Diver inspired T-Shirt design with a chain style shield logo blended in. Printed in the USA on custom Side-Seamed 100% Spun cotton shirt. Rock on baby! From £26.99

S&M Demon T-Shirt Black

Bring back the METAL!!!! Nothing screams metal more than a crazy ass demon coming at you \m/-.-\m/. Staffs pick from all the new S&M Goodies. Printed int he USA to the same 100% Spun cotton shirt as the Dio Shirt.

S&M Big Shield Crew Neck Camo

One touch and you will be hooked on Special Blend fleece! Unmatched in softness, this Mid-weight Special Blend Crew has a soft feel and slim fit. Camo Sleeves and Grey centre to boot!

S&M Big Shield Crew Neck Black

Same as above, sweet and simple S&M Sweater to rep your favourite brand. This time in all black.

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