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Metal Kizz - Go Fast Pull Up Limited Edition Frames

We have a couple of these Go Fast Pull Up edition Metal Kizz Frames left. With only 33 made these surely wont last long.

Check them out HERE

Here's the scoop from Chris Rye:

“During the course of the Props x Dig “Go Fast Pull Up” documentary production, Gav Cope (Mode BMX) messaged me about the possibility of doing a small run of new, limited-edition Metal Bikes frames as a cool tie-in project and homage to the very first metal “Kizz” MK1 from 1999. I hit up Jimmy about the idea and he was all for it.

After researching a bit I discovered S&M had 33 sets of “lightning bolt” dropouts remaining from when they produced the Metal rebel contender in 2006-7, which we acquired for the project.

Metal bikes co-founder Joe Carnall graciously provided us with the original Kizz sticker graphics and powder codes to faithfully re-produce the MK1 artwork and colours.

Big Dave Harrison, who worked at Spooky cycles in late-90s, and who made all the mk1s of Metal, terrible one and FBM frames, is going to be fabricating on this project with his company pedal driven cycles in Athens, Georgia.


The frames have “Go Fast Pull Up” laser cut out of the top gusset and serial numbers stamped 1-33."

Each frame includes a copy of “Go Fast Pull Up - Jimmy Levan Story” with your choice of DVD or Bluray

• Head Tube 74.5 Degree, Integrated

• Top Tube 1.25” Double Butted

• Down Tube 1.5” Double Butted (1.5” Homage To Mk1 Kizz)

• Length 20.75”, 21”, 21.25”

• Rear 13.625" - 14.125” Travel

• Seat Tube 71 Degree Single Butted

• Standover 9”

• BB Mid, Height 11.75”

• Seat Stays 3/4” Top To Bottom .035 + Welded Caps

• Chain Stays 3/4 Top To Bottom .049 + Welded Caps

• Chain Stays Wishbone

• Seat Bridge 5/8” Straight

• Sprocket Up To 36T

• 990S Seat Stays Removable, Modern Style With Bolt Through Tab

• Cable Guide Under Top Tube, Drilled/Tapped For Removable Stop + Guide Near Head Tube

• Tyre Up To 2.4”

• Dropouts W/ Lightning Bolts

• Seat Clamp, 2-Piece Welded Including Bolt/Nut

• Stickers Mk1 Kizz

• Colour Options, Mk1 Burgundy, Mk1 Black Semi Flat/Matte, Raw W/ Clearcoat

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