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Pre Black Friday Deals

A note from Alan regarding Black Friday and BMX Retail

Alan here from Alans BMX. Yes we will have some good deals for you, first however could I please ask you to:
Support your local BMX shop, yes there are some still dotted around the country who I’m sure will appreciate your business. They are there to help you when you need that last minute part and you’d miss them when they are gone, because everyone went to one place to save 50p. These shops typically employ local people (riders usually), pay rates to your local council, give endless advice, hook up riders and help to support the local scene. We lost a long- standing  bricks and mortar store this week don’t forget.
Secondly please shop responsibly, don’t buy stuff you don’t need but do support the real brands that support the sport (you know which ones right?). Thanks!

Some of our Pre Black Friday Deals

Haro 2019 Lineage Master Bashguards NOW £999.99

Haro 2019 Lineage Bashguard Master Black 21TT

Haro 2019 Lineage Bashguard Master Red 20.75TT

Haro 2019 Lineage Bashguard Master Chrome 20.5TT

Alienation Deviant Front Wheels

Alienation Deviant front wheels on special for just £49.99 down from £76.76

Alienation Deviant Pro Brakeless Front Wheel Black

Featuring Alienation Deviant Aero rim laced to a Diamond Back sealed female front hub with Black spokes.

Perfect lightweight wheel for BMX Park or BMX Race use.

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