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Pre Built Custom Wheels Ready To Go!

We've been busy building some custom wheels! While you can always order custom built wheels from us now with FREE build and now FREE spoke option, it's sometimes handy to just be able to pick up a ready built pro-level wheel that's ready to go. We also throw in rim tape and an inner tube and if you order a tyre we'll fit and inflate that too for you. Anyway here are some of the pre-built custom wheels that we have done recently:

Haro Lineage/Salt Plus Custom Wheelset Silver 
Salt Plus Summit rims
Halo spokes
Salt Nylon Rim Strip

Profile Racing / Fly Bikes Custom RHD Wheelset Black
Profile Racing Mini front hub
Profile Racing Mini Rear Cassette hub
Fly Bikes Lunar rims
Halo spokes 

Demolition Whistler/Sun Estate Polished/Chrome Custom Wheel LHD
Demolition Whistler hub
Halo spokes 

Madera Gulf Coaster/Stranger Crux XL Custom Wheel Black LHD
Madera Gulf Coaster hub
Halo spokes 



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