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Radio MTB, Wheelie and Dirt Jump Bikes

Radio have been making a mark for a while now and we have a selection of their MTB range coming in to cover those who like 26-inch or 29-inch wheeled bikes.

Kicking off the range is the new Radio Legion Bikes, these are a wheelie style bike targeted towards those who want something different from the SE Bikes taking the world by storm.

Available in both the Legion 26 and Legion 29 versions, the Legion features a 6061 Alloy frame and Wheelie specific geometry making it easier to pick up the front end and maneuver on the back wheel. Along with Disc Brake mounts, fully sealed front and rear hubs, BMX Cranks and Wheelie specific gearing these bikes are made to shred the streets.

Radio 2020 Legion 26 Inch Matt Galactic Purple

Along with custom Radio tyres 2.2 wide and large padded seats, the Legion is going to be robust enough to last even if you take it to the pump track, forest track or the skatepark, letting you keep up with everyone on their MTBs without the hassle of gears and stuff going wrong.

Radio 2020 Legion 29 Inch Midnight Black

The Radio Legion series come in at £749.99 and are available to pre-order for April 2020


Along with the Legion series Radio also do a range of Dirt Jump Mountain Bikes, The Fiend, Asura and Asura Pro.

The Asura features a lightweight but tough chromoly/steel frame, along with a 100mm travel fork and stacked list of radio, RST and Tektro components that make a fun and exciting 26” machine which you won’t be able to put down.

Radio 2020 Asura 26 Inch Dirt Jump Bike Metallic Purple

Ready for dirt, street, skate parks and pumptracks. The Radio Asura is £649.99 available for pre-order due April 2020

The Asura also comes in a higher end Pro model featuring upgraded forks, brakes, full Cromo frame, hydraulic Disc Brakes and more.

Radio 2020 Asura Pro 26 Inch Dirt Jump Bike Chrome

Coming in at £949.99 for the complete set-up.

And finally there is also the Radio Fiend Dirt Jumper, an alloy framed beast designed to be used with gears making it a great 4x weapon or even a multi use school run machine.

Radio Fiend 26 Inch Dirt Jump Bike Metallic Red

For those times when bigger is better, we offer a full range of 26” bikes, ready for dirt, street, skate parks and just about everything you can throw at them. The 26” fiend features a lightweight 6061-t6 alloy frame, along with a 100mm travel fork and an 8 speed gear setup mkaking it perfetc for both the pumptrack and the mean streets. This is one fun and exciting 26” machine which you won’t be able to put down. Just £749.99.

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