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Rant BMX Parts Drop

Rant is part of the Sparky's family of brands that includes Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa, in fact you will find Rant parts on many of the Subrosa complete bikes. WIth Rant you get trusted quality and design at a great price point. 

In this delivery we got the Rant Party On V2 Front and Rear Cassette wheels with sealed bearing hubs and double walled rims making them a perfect upgrade if your bike has loose ball bearing hubs and/or single wall rims. 

Above we have:
Rant Pivotal Seatpost - a one piece alloy post, why pay any more? 

Rant LL Cool Peg this has become a favourite with it's steel core and plastic outer sleeve, it comes in 14mm with a 10mm adaptor so can be run front or rear. 

The Rant Bang UR Mid bottom bracket is pretty much the same as everyone elses and costs less, so it's a no brainer. Comes in 19 or 22mm sizes. 

The Rant Chain Tool is new this time and it essential for adjusting your new chain to length.  

Rant's brake is strong. We have the complete Rant Rear Brake Kit in stock with everything you need to set your brake up: Lever, U-brake and Cable. We also have the Rant Spring Brake Lever on it's own, right hand sid eonly but it;s hinged and you can flip it over to run it on the left.  We also got the Rant Spring Brake Pads on their own as well. All great value, good quality replacement parts for your bike. 







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