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S&M Retro Parts - Forks, Stems and Bars ReIssued in Original Form

S&M have gone back to their roots, and reproduced a limited run of original parts from the S&M Redneck Stem in both Shafted and 1 1/8 Threadless, OG Forks and Pitchforks and the Slam Bar. These are limited run so once they are gone they are gone forever.

S&M Redneck Stem Shafted

Available in 4 colours, the S&M Redneck Shafted Stems are a reproduction from the late 90's version. With an alloy CNC top mated to a solid steel shaft these were the only proper strong stem back in the day. Available in Black, Green, Gold and Red with 21.1 shaft for BMX fitment. These wont fit road bikes unfortunately.

S&M Redneck Stem 1 1/8

S&M also did the Redneck Stem in a threadless 1 1/8th to fit your modern bikes also. Same colourset as before, Black, Red, Gold, Green.

S&M OG Forks

THE original, one inch threaded USA made fork. Produced from 1987 to 1991 with no model name, but sometimes referred to as "S&M Standard Forks" these forks were included with early K-9 D-zine, Mad Dog and Dirtbike frames as part of a frame-set. Made for use with a shafted stem and 1" threaded headset, these forks feature extended legs, double thick (welded together) drop-outs and are drilled for front brakes.

Available in Black or Chrome:

S&M OG Forks Chrome

S&M OG Forks Black

This fork was replaced by the S&M Original Pitchfork in 1991.

S&M Original Pitchforks Threaded

Made in USA of course, Perfect for the early mid school restoration or something a bit stronger for your 80s build. Chrome Finish with a1 Inch Threaded steerer and Thick 6mm dropouts. Made the way they always have been, STRONG. Available in Chrome only.

S&M Original Pitchforks Threadless

By 1995 Dia-Compe's A-headset was becoming the norm and the Pitchfork evolved with the change to "Oversized" frames. Larger 1 1/4" legs, once piece flame-cut 1/4" drop-outs, and a stout .120" thick thread-less steerer tube kept pace with an oversized Redneck that had shed it's shaft. Available in Chrome only.

S&M Slam Bar

No Butts, No Shit. Straight gauge like they used to back in the day. USA made 8 Inch high, 28 wide handlebars. 100% TIG welded 4130 chromoly construction with a Chrome or Flat Black finish. Perfect for that midschool ride, Race BMX or if your not into 11 inch High bars!

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