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Salt BMX now available at AlansBMX

We are please to announce that Salt (and Salt+) products are now available through our website We are also carrying stock of Salt and Salt Plus instore.

Salt is a budget parts brand from the minds behind WeThePeople, Radio and Eclat and offers excellent strength and value.

The Salt Revo 175mm Cranks for example are only £69.99 and come included with a Salt Mid BB in the box! Doesn't get much better than that.

Salt also make rear Hubs, Rims and Complete Wheels. The EX range of Hubs, Rims and Wheels feature fully sealed bearings, pinned double wall rims and quality spokes.

The Salt EX Sealed Cassette Hub is fully sealed 14mm male axle 9t driver hub that comes with an included nylon hubguard for the Non Drive Side. It comes in Black or Oil Slick and is available in Right Hand or Left Hand Drive depending on your setup, match this with a G-Sport Uniguard and your set for 4 pegs street missions!

One for the Old Schoolers, Salt also make the Salt AM Rotor Gyro Set for 1 Inch steerers toi fit your old school retro BMX bikes. These include the lower plate, rotator, and upper plate for 1 inch forks. Only available in Black and includes all the cabling also for only £19.99. Bargain!

Check out our other Blog Post for other great Salt+ items.

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