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SE Bikes 2021 OM Flyer

The OM Flyer has been a favourite of ours in the SE lineup since it went back to it's steel roots a few years ago. The OM ("Old Man") was originally Scot Breithaupt's signature cruiser frame before 24's took over the race scene. Made from 4130 cromo, the OM is a super cool ride for the old school crew who appreciate the history and a nod to the originator of of BMX, but it's also a great bike for the new school #bikelife crew. 
The OM has a 4130 looptail frame with SE logo dropouts, Landing Gear forks of course, sealed wheels with the SE Bozack 2.4" skinwall tyres. Attention to detail abounds with the vinyl/snap pad set and exclusive ODI Mushroom II grips (which you can't even buy).
As with pretty much every bike in the world right now, due to the pandemic are in very short supply. So if you are thinking of picking one up we'd suggest sooner rather than later because these will be gone quick! Order one here now
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