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Subrosa 2021 Complete Bikes

We're lucky to get our hands on some more 2021 model Subrosa bikes, at a time when all types of bike are in short-supply globally as an effect of the pandemic.

First up let's look at the Salvador. This is a mid-range model with a 20.5" toptube frame and a cro-moly front-triangle. Hubs and BB are sealed-bearing. Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy aftermarket parts abound. So if you want a bike to actually do some proper street or park riding, then take a look at this model.

The Salvador also comes in an XL version, same spec but with longer 21" toptube, check out the Sage Green Subrosa 2021 Salvador XL.

If you prefer a Freecoaster hub set up, then check out the Subrosa Salvador FC, a full on street machine with 21" toptube, 9" 4 piece bars, Sawtooth 2.35" tyres and again Shadow and Subrosa parts. 



Speaking of Park riding, we were stoked to get ahold of just two Rim Nakamura signature model Subrosa Wings park bikes. These have a shortter 20.2" toptube and o course a Gyro, front load stem, one-piece set & post combo and 2.3" Shadow Serpent. We have one just of each colour; Gloss Black and Trans Purple.

Subrosa's nig wheel selection has been on-point these parts few years and the DTT Double Top Tube Subrosa Malum DTT is a favourite, with 26" wheels. All the benefits of a simple, solid BMX bike but with larger wheels for getting around on. 

PLEASE NOTE: These bikes were all in stock 29/11/20, but please click on links to see live stock availability.   

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