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Subrosa Xmas BMX Parts Delivery

We just got a fresh drop of Subrosa parts just in time for Xmas. Included in this drop is the all-new Subrosa Rim Nakamura Signature "Flight" park frame that comes in ED Black or Trans Purple, which comes with a FREE headset and bottom bracket on us. 

Subrosa Griffin, Dialed and Genetic flangeless grips are here all using the propretary Subrosa soft, durable DCR formula that increases the life of the grip and feels great from the first ride on. 

We got the new Subrosa Rose Upload stem this time around, with a short 48mm reach it is cold forged with CNC machining and good value for money for a stem of this spec. 

Also for the racer frames and other bike that use the 27.2mm seatpost size we've got the Subrosa 350mm Pivotal 27.2mm Seatpost - a hard-to-get size that allows those with 27.2mm seatpost frames to finally use the large range of Pivotal seats that are on offer. 

Lastly, we have the Subrosa Removable Brake Mount Kit which includes all the brake mounting hardware for Subrosa frames, it's also compatible with other frames that utilise through-bolt lugs and a Velcro cable strap is included. 

All these parts are avaiable now from Alans BMX with Worldwide, Next Day and Free Shipping options. Rollin' since 1981, the oldest BMX shop in the UK. 


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