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Sunday 2021 BMX Bikes Are Here

Sunday is effectively Odyssey's complete BMX bike brand, and because of that you can only assume they get a smokin' deal on Odyssey parts for these bikes, so these bikes are shit hot for the money.  

The Sunday bike range has expanded over the past few years, all for the better and they have you covered with decent starter bikes all the way to full Pro models. Now, when I say Entry Level I don't mean a bike that "looks" like a BMX bike, that will self destruct if you try anything other than riding to school on it. The Blueprint and Primer entry-point models are actual BMX street/park bikes that you can actually ride and learn some tricks at down the local spots. These bikes also come in 16" and 18" wheel sizes for younger riders, now at this point I have to say please don't confuse this with "normal" kids 16" bikes - it is totally different thing. Keep in mind that adults 6' + ride a 20" wheel bike. So please use our handy kids bike size chart:

The Blueprint and Primer bikes now come with a choice of top tube lengths, which you will usually see abbreviated as "TT", which effectively gives you a size option, maybe think of 20.0" as Small, 20.5" as Medium and 21" as Large. It doesn't strictly equate to your height necessarily, as we have some tall riders who like a smaller frame as it might be easier for tailwhips or whatever, BUT it does give you a starting point. If you're 5' you wouldn't want the 21" though, if that makes sense. 

On the Primer models it's worth highlighting the Primer Park, which is a new "Park" specific model for this year, which comes set up ready with an Odyssey Gyro, which thinking about it shouldn't actually sway you because actually we offer this on all models as a £18.99 extra, so there you go...

Next up in the Sunday line are the Scout models. You should looking at these if you want a complete bike that you are going to be taking out riding street or park on a regular bases and giving it some stick. The Scouts have sealed hubs front and rear, a cro-mo downtube and a Pivotal seat. They come in two sizes 20.75" and 21" and each size has two colours and they're hard to choose, they all look great. 

Moving up one rung on the ladder are the Forecaster bikes. They are really cool because they come in rider signature colourways with a Park model then Aaron Ross, Brett Silva, Alex Siemon, Broc Raiford models in sizes 20.5" to 21". Have a look through the different specs; some have a Freecoaster and there are LHD options on some as well. Again, if you want a good Mid range, capable bike the Forecaster looks like a Pro model with loads of options at an affordable price. 

The Ex signature models comes next, yeah The Ex, not such a catchy model name I know but all you need to know is these are Eric Elstran 20.75" and Julian Arteaga 21" signature models will all 100% cro-mo frame/fork/bars and kinds of amazing parts. Click on those links to see the specs, they are so good for the cash. 

OK, thanks for being with me waffling on about these. The last two top of the line models are the Jake Seeley Street Sweeper and the Gary Young Soundwave Special, if you are up for these you know what you are looking for so there is nothing I can add, except if you tried to build bikes like this from parts you'd be looking as about twice as much as you can buy these for. 

Remember we do 0% Finance and the Klarna thing as well on these bikes so check that out. If you have any questions call us on 01942 826598 and we'll do our best to help. Stay safe out there!


ps/ Oh, I almost forgot, the big wheeled Model C and High C bikes, which have set the standard for fun, durable, simple big BMX bikes, they actually always sell out first for us so grab one while you can!

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