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Team Rider: Jake Jones

1. Who are you? 
My name is Jake Jones, I'm 20 and from Hindley just outside of Wigan. I've been riding bikes for 4 years. 

2. Fav places to ride 
MY favourite places to ride is everywhere. Street, Park, so long as I am out riding and having fun with mates thats all that matters 

3. What riders do you look up to 
The legends like Street Dave, Matt Hoffman, Garret Reynolds, Tim Knoll 

4. What are you favourite brands? 
There's to many to list, a few of mine are Gsport, Animal, FBM,  Bonedeth, Odyssey etc.... 

5. Describe your perfect day riding 
Wake up, grab my bike and head out the house to meet my mates and go find some thing fun to ride all day and all night. 

Current Set-Up: 
Colony Teddy Frame, Colony Forks, Colony Cranks and Hardy 4 Piece Bars, G Sport hubs on Odyssey Antigram Rims with Animal GLH tyres. 
ODI Grips and Odyssey TrailMix pedals


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