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Team Rider: Lewis Houghton

Who are you?  
Lewis Houghton from Atherton Manchester. Been riding for Alans for about a year and I've been riding BMX for about 3 years. 

Fav places to ride? 
Rampworx in Liverpool, Arc in Preston and Irlam in the summer 

What riders do you look up to? 
Dennis Enarson, Harry Main and Pat Casey

What are you favourite brands?  
Colony , total , Nike and vans. All available from Alans BMX ;)

Describe your perfect day riding? 
Quite warm no winds and everyone out 

Current Set-Up:  
Total Voltron V2 18" frame  
Total GS 18" forks 
Skavenger 8" bars  
Colony Clone hubs gold 
Alienation Black Sheep chrome rims 
Fit Bike Co stem  
Colony seatpost and sprocket  
Fit Bike Co tyres  
Fiend Seat  
Cult 510 chain  
ODI longneck pro grips  
WTP cranks



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