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Team Rider: Paul Friel

My name is Paul Friel, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Glasgow, Scotland

My favourite places to ride are definitely Unit 23 and Zone 74 There's too many but some of my favourite are definitely, Harry main, Kriss Kyle, Mark Webb, Logan Martin, Kyle Baldock, Chance Brejnakowski man I could go on and on haha.

My favourite brands, TLCBIKES, TotalBmx, Cult, Snafu.

My perfect day riding would probably be a nice sunny outdoor summers day with all the boys just sending everything and anything and just enjoying the session.

My current set-up

Frame: Cult Juvenile 18" frame (custom paint)

Forks: 18" BSD Ghetto forks

Stem: SocialBikeco top load with TLCBIKES Ti rainbow stem bolts

Bars: BSD Sleazy bars with ODI O grips and Oddessy Par-ends

Cranks: Profile Racing 160mm cranks with TLCBIKES Ti Rainbow crank bolts

Sprocket: TLCBIKES Rainbow Racekor sprocket

Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy

Chain: Cult

Front wheel: Fitbikeco 2.25 Tyre with Alienation Black sheep rim with Éclat pulse hub with random spokes

Back wheel: Fitbikeco 2.25 tyre with alienation black sheep rim with éclat pulse 9t hub with random spokes

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