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The Road to BMX Beat: We build a 1983 Haro Freestyler for Alan

Here we start out with a "Barn fresh" Haro Freestyler which we purchased from the original owner last year. The idea is to do a sympathetic resto with one eye on keeping it ridable as well. 

The frame & fork itself is in very good condition, chrome is nice (for 37 years old) all stickers are original and the dropouts are great. I have just decoded the frame number and it is TKK5008F revealing that it was made in December 1983, so it turns out it is a Gen 2 after all (welded gusset). 

The bike is all complete, in fact Toby rode it home nearly 4 miles the other night with loose handlebars that moved when he stood up (he is 6' 4"). As I mention in the video, it is nice because this is typical of how someone would have set one of these up back in 1983. Parts were just so expensive you would have to use donor parts from you existing bike to make it affordable, the frame and forks were £150+, over £500 in today's money. 

It could be ridden as is but the SunTour stem is the all alloy MS-1000 mini version, cranks are pedals are naff and the wheels are, well, yellow! The Renthal alloy bars are nice enough but a bit too swept back for me (I think they did 2 bends). Regarding the wheels I am going to try a Coaster for ramps, I rode our Torker Freestyle team's back BITD and leant a few ramp tricks with a coaster. The Skyway  "drought" at the moment could cuase an issue, but I know Andy Preston has set up some old Coaster hubs well and we could lace one of these to an alloy rim. 

As for tricks my balancing stuff isn't too bad but we'll have to see, eh. 

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