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WeThePeople 2021 Bike Delivery

Our long-awaited 2021 We The People bike delivery has finally landed! 

It's no secret that We The People completes have set the standard for complete bikes that are the envy of the BMX industry, from entry level "real" like the BMX bikes right up to Pro-level bikes capable of winning a Pro comp right out of the box kitted out with all aftermarket frame and parts from WTP and Eclat. 

You may have discovered that bikes, of all types, are in short supply right now. This is due to the production delays caused buy the shutdown during the pandemic matched with a sharp rise in demand as people discovered bikes again during lockdown. This has made a perfect storm of low supply and high demand

On all these bikes we offer our UK customers 0% Finance (subject to status).

See the whole bike line walk through below:



To start off, Wethepeople have you covered with smaller bikes for the younger riders. New for 2021 is the 14" Riot in red and the popular 16" Seed in back in Matt Black or Surf Blue colourways for this year, all really well thought-out completes for the younger riders. 

Not that you can tell by looking at it, the Wethepeople's entry-level bike is the We The People Nova. Now in two toptube lengths (20" and 20.5") and 5 colours for 2021 the Nova is a perfect starter bike, but grab one while you can, these won't last long...

One notch up from the Nova comes the We The People CRS with Cassette in Galactic Purple or Matt Black. This bike also available with a Freecoaster as the CRS FC in the amazing Trans Berry Blast or Matt Black.

The CRS also comes in an 18 inch wheel version too in regular and FS (gyro) versions. 

The Arcade is the next model up. It's been a staple for a few years now and has a 20.5" or 21" toptube frame with short back end, Eclat and Salt Plus parts and four plastic hub guards right out of the box. Colourways are Matt Black or Candy Red. 

The Justice is Wethepeople mid-tier street bike with Activate 2.35" tyres, Paragon plastic guard sprocket, WTP Perfect grips, super-responsive 22mm offset forks, short 12.75" chainstays and 165mm cranks - all the stuff the pro street riders are using. Two great colours are offered - Matt Ghost Grey or Matt Taxi Yellow that you will remember from Felix's bike builds this past year. 

Here is the Reason, a fully spec'd street weapon with 100% cromo frame/fork/bar, sealed bearings throughout, 4 piece bars, Logic pedals, 4 hub guards and pegs Salt Pro freecoaster hub, 160mm cranks, 15mm offset forks for easier nose manuals. This year the perfect street bike comes in Matt Black with satin oil slick cranks and Paragon sprocket or Matt Blue with all black parts. 

The Crysis is Wethepeople's do it all mid-range bike that can handle street/park/dirt and comes with a taller headtube and invest cast wishbone & seatclamp with a front load stem and 9.7" bars. Matt Black or Metallic Midnight Green are the two colours and it is offered in with a 20.5" or 21" toptube.

The amazing hologram silver colourway is back for the 2021 Wethepeople Versus. An absolute park-shredder, the Versus comes set up with a gyro, WTP  Index front load stem, low-standover frame, lightweight Wethepeople Mirage tyres, four alloy Message pegs and a slim Éclat combo seat - everything you need to attack the transitions.

The Trust is progression of the Reason - you get a full cromo 21" frame with invest cast droputs, 26mm offset forks, Eclat Trippin' wheelset with Cortex hubs, Paragon plastic guard sprocket and the new Centric pedals. The Trust comes in either Matt Black or Matt Raw with Purple rims. 

The Trust FC is more than a Trust with a Freecoaster this year with upgrades like the throwback Everlast style 4pc bars with shorter 12.75" rear end, 160mm cranks and the super steep 15mm offset forks, Dan Kruk signature short-reach Gooseneck stem, Helix hubs front and rear with guards of course. The Trust FC is a killer street machine right out of the box and comes in Matt Black or Matt Raw. 

We're almost there! The Battleship is built entirely from aftermarket We The People and Eclat parts with a Lifetime Gurantee frame. New on the Battleship this years are a new 15mm offset fork, Eclat Strangler bars, Eclat Bios seat, shorter 160mm cranks and Eclat Centric pedals. If you want a ready-to-rip street shredder - look no further! The Battleship comes in Right Side Drive in Abyss Blue or Left Side Drive in Gloss Raw.

The Revolver is another "custom build" all-aftermarket set up with a 21" toptube perfect for all round riding, and perhaps just right for a rider getting back into BMX that wants a non-copromises do-all bike, dripping with the best parts wethepeple and Eclat has to offer. 

We've saved the best till last: The Envy. 


The best BMX bike ever made? What more needs saying? 

The ENVY is a chance for us to showcase how far BMX design has come, and a glimpse into the direction it’s heading into… The launch of this particular model always sparks debate and attention unlike any other bike in our line up, and for good reason. The ENVY is a chance for us to hand select only the crème de la crème from our product lines and carefully assemble them into one masterpiece of a bike.

The Envy is a concept bike that is the best of the best, starting with a lightweight Envy frame with Lifetime Guarantee, Eclat Storm XLT fork, oversized 25.4mm Eclat stem and bars, Eclat E440 rims with the Seismic hub and Mirage tyre. Even the super-clean the Eclat Bios seat looks amazing. Options are Left or Right side drive and 20.5" or 21" toptube. 

Onto bigger wheels now. 

Year on year, 22 inch wheeled bikes get more popular and with the likes of this new Wethepeople Audio, it's easy to see why. Perfect for the taller rider or for someone coming into BMX from riding mountain bikes, the 22 gives you more room, more speed and ultimately, more fun. Every part on this bike is aftermarket from either Wethepeople, Salt or Eclat. To top it all the Matt Aqua Red colourway is AMAZING. 

The Atlas is the 24-wheeled model from Wethepeople that proves to be a surprise  hit for us year after year along with the Model-C from Sunday. The Atlas is an all-round 4130-cromo BMX bike that you can use as transport, flow the trails, shred the pump track, carve round the skatepark and hit the local track at the weekend. That's some versatile package!

Phew, this is the last one, and probably our favourite! The Avenger, now with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, the Avenger is the ultimate cruiser from Wethepeople. The Avenger uses a full 4130 cro-mo frame decked out with solid BMX parts and 27.5 inch wheels, if you need to get somewhere in a hurry but you might scoot through the skatepark or trails on the way home, the Avenger has you covered. 

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