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WeThePeople 2020 Avenger 27.5 - The BMX/MTB Crossover you NEED

WeThePeople 2020 Avenger 27.5

The BMX MTB Hybrid you NEED

A mix of the old and the new, the WTP AVENGER is something unique to say the least. Taking BMX heritage and combining it with modern MTB technology, the AVENGER is perfect for smashing it down the single track on the weekend or just getting from A to B in style.
WTP Avenger 2020
With an injection of aftermarket parts from Shimano, WTB and FSA the Avenger is also stacked with some very special components WTP designed specifically for this bike based on some of  the favourite parts from mid-school BMX. The full cromoly frame, fork and bar keep the AVENGER tough and agile, whilst the larger 27.5” wheels with 2.30” tires allow you to tackle any terrain in your path.
WTP Avenger 2020 27.5

WeThePeople spent a lot of time on the Avenger for this model year and we couldn’t be prouder of the absolute fun-machine we’ve created. A bike which is as fun to look at as it is to ride, if you’re looking for the ultimate weekend machine then look no further!

Rider - Matty Waudby Filmed/Edited by Ben Gerrish/HDDN Media.

Music : Holy Monitor - "The Way Out"
WTP 2020 Avenger 27.5
WeThePeople Avenger 27.5
We The People 27.5 2020 Avenger
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