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Raleigh Balance Mini Mag Burner Blue/Yellow

Brand: Raleigh


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Brand: Raleigh

Matching helmet also available.

Following the amazingly successful launch of the Raleigh Mini Burner in 2018. Raleigh have created a new mini balance bike for all budding BMX champions. The Mini Mag Burner has been designed to replicate the Mag Burner originally released in 1983

A balance bike is an ideal first step for a child to learn how to ride without pedals. The child scoots along by sitting on the saddle and moving their feet backwards and forwards, keeping either one foot or both feet on the ground at all times. They learn basic cycling skills; balance and coordination whilst having great fun and looking good Aluminium frame; for your child's first experience of cycling an aluminium frame is ideal it is lightweight, easy to handle and manoeuvre Handlebars for a more upright riding position; allowing your child to become more aware of things around them whilst riding

Graphics under a clear coat; by applying the bike graphics underneath a clear lacquer the Burner design will remain undamaged for years to follow

A super cool handlebar fitting race plate with alphabet and number sticker sets

Colour co-ordinated saddle, grips and tyres

Raleigh take great pride in designing their Children's range, ensuring that each component - however small is matched to the bike design

Stem: Steel, 22.2mm, silver GNJ250
Handlebars: Steel, 480mm wide, 77mm rise, black, crossbar WRNH182
Grips: Junior, 120mm, blue/yellow WAGG136
Saddle: Blue, steel rail silver WBZP321
Seatpost: Alloy, 27.2 x 180mm, silver RFS163
Seat clamp: Aluminium, 31.8, black RMSP531B
Frameset frame: Aluminium, low step-through fork: Hi-Tensile steel, rigid, 25.4mm
Hheadset: Steel 8pc, black RAT328
Front wheel: Mag wheel, 12" 8 spoke, yellow WRGH173 rear wheel: Mag wheel, 12" 8 spoke, yellow WRGR169 front hub: Part of mag wheel rear hub: Part of mag wheel rims: Mag wheel, 12" 8 spoke, yellow
Front tyre: 12.5 x 2.25 blue tanwall WRTT134
Fear tyre: 12.5 x 2.25 blue tanwall WRTT134
Inner tubes: 12" with 45deg angle valve WACB210

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