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Tall Order 2021 Small Order Balance Bike Gloss White with Black Parts

Brand: Tall Order

Code: COTA012-WH1-1200

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Brand: Tall Order

The new-for-2021 Small Order 12" balance bike is the perfect fit for the smaller rider with bags of energy looking to get their first set of wheels and develop their balance. Completely brakeless this is an extremely low maintenance bike and the perfect first step towards developing balance required for pedal powered bikes when the time comes.

Frame: Small Order Balance 12”, 100% Hi-Ten Steel
Fork:Ramp 12”, Hi-Ten Steel
Bar: 5” rise, 19” wide, Hi-Ten Steel
Stem: Alloy top load, 40mm reach
Grips: 90mm soft compound with small flange
Headset: Unsealed aheadset
Seat: 1pc combo
Front Hub: Looseball 16h hub with 10mm axle
Rear Hub: Looseball 16h hub with 10mm axle
Rims: 12” Alloy 16h
Tyres: 12” x 2.25”

Weight: 11lbs 14oz (3.59kg)

Frame Geometry:

Top Tube: 12”
Chain Stay: 8”
Head Tube: 74°
Seat Tube: 71°
Stand Over: 4.5”
BB Height: 5.8”