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FIT 2021 Misfit 12" Kids Bike Warm Red

Brand: Fit Bike Co

Code: CBFI87RE

Pre-Order Item
Estimated Date Due: 27/11/2020
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Brand: Fit Bike Co

Moving from a Balance bike to a 12” pedal bike can be challenging not only for riders but for their parents. Seat height and angle on these little bikes is especially important since riders haven’t necessarily learned to stand up and pedal yet. This being said, we’ve used a very flat padded seat, and a quick release seat clamp with longer seatpost to help get the little ones dialed in on the fly. Although some “first” pedal bikes use coaster brakes, we’re firm believers in learning to use hand brakes ASAP. Anyone remember jumping off a curb as a kid and landing with the coaster brake on? Instant OTB.

FRAME: 13” TT Cro-Mo Top & Down Tubes.
HEADSET: A-Headset.
BB: Sealed Mid.
BARS: 2-Piece 4.5”x 19.75”.
FORK: New 31mm Offset Cro-Mo Steerer Tube.
STEM: Mini Front Load.
GRIPS: FIT Misfit.
SEAT: New Flatter/More Padded Integrated Combo.
CRANKS: Tubular Cro-Mo 75mm.
PEDALS: Nylon Platform.
FRONT WHEEL: 16H Single Wall W/Unsealed Hub/Domed Nuts.
REAR WHEEL: 16H Single Wall w/Sealed 9T Cassette/Domed Nuts.
BRAKES: Odyssey Springfield w/Linear Cable/Short Reach Lever.

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