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Cult 2020 Juvenile 18 Inch Bike Silver

Brand: Cult

Code: COCU068-SI1-1800

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Brand: Cult

The Juvenile series of bikes from CULT aren’t your run of the mill basic BMX bikes. If you are looking for something more serious for your little ripper this is the bike you need to be looking at, available in 12, 14, 16 & 18 inch wheel size so we have your aspiring park shredder covered right through until they get to 20 inch wheels. With a lightweight aluminium frame, tubular 3 piece crank, integrated headset, sealed BB and all the other good stuff you’re going to need if your nipper is serious about BMX.

The 18 inch Juvenile shown here covers ages from about 7 to 12 years (see our video).


Lightweight 6061 Aluminium Frame

Upgraded Geometry (18” TT)

Short Rear End

Integrated Headset

Mini CULT Dehart Grips

Top Load Stem

CROMO 3 pc 140mm Cranks

CULT Nylon Pedals

Sealed Mid Bottom Bracket

CULT 410 Chain

9T Cassette Hub

CULT Match Rims

25T Member style Sprocket

Lightweight 1pc Padded Seat w/ CULT logo

2.30 CULT x VANS tyres

990 rear U-Brake

NOTE: Front caliper brake included but not shown

GYRO can be fitted for you by us (EXTRA) - just check the box and we'll fit and set it up for you!

NOTE: Bike ships partially assembled in box. Some assembly is required.