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ACS BOA Brake 10mm-6mm Spindle Conversion Bolt

Brand: ACS

Code: BRMI004

3 Available

Code: BRMI005

2 Available

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Brand: ACS

Want to convert your 10mm ACS BOA brake to the standard 6mm fitment? Or do you want to swap your ACS BOA to Front or Rear? Seventies made some brand new spindles, made from Stainless Steel (unlike the originals) these spindles will convert your ACS BOA to standard 6mm fitment

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Front or Rear Spindles (Fronts are longer)
  • Converts 10mm Calipers to 6mm
  • Internally threaded to fit the front caps
  •  "Sealed Mechanism" Topcap NOT included

We do have some 10mm ACS BOA brakes available in a seperate listing.