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GT 4 Piece Original Bars 8.6 Chrome

Brand: GT

Code: GP2107U6086

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Brand: GT

GT's classic 4 piece freestyle BMX handlebar is back with a 8.6 inch rise and high quality chrome plating. Perfect for your late 80's on to current build. Retro styling with modern function. Includes a free period GT coin sticker on us. 

"In the history of four piece bars, the GT’s are a mainstay—influencing a number of the four-piece options on the market today. After a cease in production for almost 20 years, the originals are back."-RideBMX

Rise: 8.6”
Width: 29”
Backsweep: 9°
Upsweep: 5°
Weight: 40oz
One-piece upper bar with OS (oversized) bends for added strength
OS 1" vertical tubes for added strength
Aggressive knurling
"GT" stamped bar caps