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S&M Slam Bar

Brand: S&M

Code: HASM01CP

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Brand: S&M

•  NO BUTTS...NO SHIT! Ride em un-cut.
•  Width: 28".
•  Rise: 8".
•  Sweep: 12 degree.
•  Up Sweep: 1 degree.
•  Cross Bar: 7/8".
•  Weight: 2 lbs.
•  No Butts No Shit!
•  100% TIG welded 4130 chromoly construction.
•  Precision mitered crossbar tube ends.
•  No ripples or kinks in the bends.
•  Deep knurling for slip-free mounting.
•  Deburred bar ends.
•  Durable powdercoated paint finish or chrome.
•  White, Trans Black, Trans Gold, Trans Green, Red, Yellow available to speacial order.