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Blank 2021 Buddy 16 Inch Bike Black

Brand: Blank

Code: sku798086

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Brand: Blank

It's hard to beat the Blank Buddy when it comes to buying an entry-level BMX bike for your 6 to 9 year old who wants to get into BMX skatepark riding. With all the great performance and superb components found on the larger adult Blank bikes, this model is scaled down in size but still provides the same exceptional riding experience. This new model has a stronger, lighter and slimmed down frame, a lighter 20 spoke wheelset and superb components from Blank.

  Frame: Blank 'Slim' 1020 Hi Ten, 16.5" Top Tube

  Forks: Blank Compound 16" 'Tapered' 30mm Offset Forks

  Brake: Rear 990 Style Alloy U-Brake

FRONT CALIPER BRAKE included but not shown

  Cable: Slic Cable

  Brake Levers: Mini Levers

  Chainwheel: Blank 'Wtf V2' Sprocket 25t Steel

  Driver: 10t

  Chain: S410

  Headset: 1-1/8" External

  Crank: Blank 1pc Hot Forged 140mm

  Bottom Bracket: USA

  Rims: 16" 20 Hole Alloy

  Front Hub: 10mm Open Bearing Steel

  Rear Hub: 10t 10mm Open Bearing Cassette

  Tyres: 16" X 2.4"

  Seat: Blank Combo Junior 'Faux Leather' Seat

  Handlebars: Blank Compound Mini 7" Rise

  Handlebar Stem: Blank 40mm Compact Stem

  Grips: Blank 'Flangeless' Mini Grips

  Pedal: Wellgo Plastic Freestyle Pedals