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Cult 2020 Gateway Bike Black with Grey Camo Vans Tyres

Brand: Cult

Code: COCU060-BK2-2050

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Brand: Cult

The Gateway is great starter bike from CULT with CULT x VANS tyres and grips, sealed hubs and Tri-moly frame. AVOID junk and buying twice, start with a decent bike and it'll ride better, last you longer and be worth more when you come to upgrade. 

20.5” TT

CROMO Front Triangle


Top Load Stem

Integrated Headset

CULT Nylon Pedals

Heat Treated CROMO 3pc 170mm cranks

Sealed Mid Bottom Bracket

CULT 410 Chain

Sealed Front Hub

Sealed Rear 9T Cassette Hub

CULT Match Rims

25T Member style Sprocket

1pc Padded Seat w/ CULT logo

2.40 CULT x VANS grey camo tyres (these look amazing see video below)

990 U-Brake. GYRO option from us!

Black frame w/ black parts and camo tyres