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Odyssey Evo II Brake Limited Edition Midnight Blue

Brand: Odyssey

Code: B-255-MBLU

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Brand: Odyssey

From the depths of our archive comes this limited edition Midnight Blue colourway in the Odyssey Evo II brake, from June 2012. Very limited stock. 

Install it as a rear brake or front brake straight out of the box. Comes with Odyssey’s convenient double lugged straddle cable, custom curved cable hanger and an array of hardware for adapting the brake to every possible set-up. Forged from aluminium for strength, and to avoid unnecessary upcharges from frivolous CNC machining.

• Flush surfaces with the lowest possible stack heiht (just under 21 mm).

• Front or rear wheel use.


• A-Brake Pads.


• Two sets of springs (hard/soft).


• Spring tension indicators.


• Modular cable hardware for multiple set-up options.


• Pre-cut straddle cable length to simplify installation (regular Evolver knarps/cable lugs also included).


• New straddle hanger.


• 190g (weight includes brake pads and hardware).