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Raleigh Mk 2 Burner Team Custom Bike Blue / White with Skyway Tuff Wheels

Brand: Raleigh

Code: BURNER191122

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Brand: Raleigh

Starting out with original 1980's Raleigh Burner frame and fork which we had custom painted with all new stickers. All the other parts on the bike are brand new from Dia-Compe, A'ME, Skyway, Raleigh, Panaracer, etc. Assembled here by our mechanic, Adam. Worldwide shipping available. 

All the original parts packaging is included with the bike. 

  • Original 80's MK2 Burner Frame and Fork, freshly powder coated and restickered. 
  • Rant sway 9" bars. 
  • Tange MX-2 Headset
  • Oxford Bottom Bracket
  • SunTour-style Power Stem
  • Skyway Tuff wheels with sealed bearings and after market Kool Caps fitted
  • Odyssey brake pads in clear compound to not mark the mags
  • 4-Jeri 16T freewheel
  • Dia-Compe MX-890 brakes front & rear
  • Dia-Compe Tech-III Levers
  • Dia-Compe BRS brake cables
  • Darxide One Piece Cro-mo Crank 170mm
  • KMC Chain
  • MKS BM-7 pedals
  • Raleigh burner anniversary spider
  • Raleigh burner anniversary chainring
  • Raleigh burner anniversary chainring bolts
  • SunTour style Seatclamp
  • Aero style Seat
  • ETC 14" Chrome Seatpost
  • Panaracer HP406 tyres front and rear
  • A'ME round grips

PLEASE NOTE: All our old school bikes built for collectors and crusing around on/ride outs, they are not designed for track or freestyle use. Haro's Lineage series and the GT Heritage Pro Performer bikes are the ones to go for if you plan on doing some serious BMXing. If you have any questions about this, please ask.