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Primo VS N4 Flangeless V2 Front Wheel Black

Brand: Primo

Code: WHPR010-BK1-100

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Brand: Primo

Primo VS N4 Flangeless V2 Front Wheel - Black 10mm (3/8")

Primo's VS Front Wheel features Primo's N4 Flangeless V2 Front Hub with it's 6000 series Aluminium shell designed to be assembled with the head of the spokes facing inwards, sealed bearings, heat-treated Chromoly 10mm bolts, Alloy push fit collars and push fit Nylon hub guards. Laced to the durable, double walled VS rim from Primo, made from 7005 series Aluminium with weight saving holes drilled through the inner rim. All held in place by Primo Forged Spokes and supplied with both hub guards and rim tape.


1.009kg/ 2lbs 4oz

Primo N4 Flangeless V2 Front Hub

6000 series Aluminium shell
Heat-treated Chromoly 10mm female bolts
17mm hex head or 6mm Allen broach
6902 sealed bearings

    Primo VS 7005 Rim

    7005 series Aluminium 
    Double wall
    Welded seam
    36 hole
    19mm tall
    34mm wide
    ERD: 394mm

      Primo Forged Spokes

      Forged Stainless Steel
      Brass nipples