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GT 2017 Performer Frame & Fork 21" Chrome

Brand: GT

Code: GTBFF001CP205

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Brand: GT

Looks like the classic 80's Performer but with all modern technology. 

Frame: GT '86 Pro Performer Design, 100% Cr-Mo Tubes, 21" toptube, DT Gusset, MID BB , Chain Stay Mounted U-Brake, Integrated 1-1/8" H/T w/ Removable Rotor Tabs, Odyssey Springfield Brake compatible.

Fork: GT '86 Pro Performer Design, 100% Cr-Mo 1pc. Threaded Steerer & Tapered Legs, 31mm Offset, 3/8" Axle Dropouts.

NOTE: While this is brand new and unridden, it was previously assembled as bike so may have some minor fitting marks ie/ at the dropouts. 

WANT A BUILD: If you want to do a custom build on this we can do it for your to your spec, please contact us for details.