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Haro SD v2 Frame Black

Brand: Haro

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Brand: Haro

Dennis really is a rider's rider who everyone loves. The SD v2 frame frame is his signature model from Haro, yes this is the exact frame Dennis runs himself. Full 4130 chromoly of course with an integrated head tube, Mid BB shell. Integrated seat post clamp and fully removable brake mounts. Double-butted top and down tubes and available in 20.8 and 21" toptube sizes. 


  • Full 4130 chromoly with an integrated head tube, Mid BB shell
  • Integrated seat post clamp and fully removable brake mounts
  • Double-butted top and down tubes
  • 75-degree head tube
  • 11.5" BB
  • 13.75" chainstays
  • 20.8", 21" TT
  • 2.1 kg / 4 lbs 10 oz (21")

About Dennis
There's not really a bad thing you can say about the 27 year old from San Diego. Dennis Enarson wins comps, kills every road trip he goes on, goes bigger than anyone and laughs about it the whole time. Dennis is on another level. If you ever get to witness his riding you will agree. Dennis has all the time in the world for his fans and appreciates where he's at in his life right now. Having a very supportive family and group of friends has also shaped Dennis' career. When Dennis is not traveling the world competing, he can be found kicking back with his dog, Rudy, in sunny San Diego. Dennis has a second release version of his signature frame called the SDv2 and also for 2015 we made it into a complete pro model bike, equipped with Demolition and MARKIT parts plus a rear coaster hub.