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Fuse Chroma Kids Gloves Crazy Snake

Brand: FUSE

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Brand: FUSE

Now available in Kids/Youth sizes in this new CRAZY SNAKE colourawy, the CHROMA series takes the new FUSE glove line and injects a vibrant and exciting selection of colours and flavours to suit every rider. Using the highest quality materials and a rider tested slim fit, the CHROMA glove is the perfect hand-wear for the rider wanting a glove with no compromises but also wanting to standout from the crowd.


From the family that brought you Wethepeiople, Radio, Eclat & Salt, so you know these gloves are going to be great. 

Palm Material:
Hard-wearing synthetic leather with ventilation holes.

Upper Material:
Sublimated solid Polyester+PU fabric for greater comfort and flexibility.


  • Reinforcement on index and thumb
  • Sweat wipe, micro-fibre thumb
  • Silicone grips on brake fingers
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap

Weight: 51g