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Kink Contender Frame ED Black

Brand: Kink

Code: FRKI022-BK1-2100

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Brand: Kink

Kink Contender Frame - ED Black

Dan Coller signature

Dan Coller's signature frame, The Contender, was designed to withstand tough riding. Featuring butted top and downtubes, with gussets on both, oval downtube for dent resistance, chainstay wishbone design, integrated chain tensioners, anti-slip casted knurling on the inner dropout, integrated seat clamp, fitment locations for removable brake mounts and a championship belt inspired seatstay bridge.


2.35kg/ 5lbs 3oz


Seamless Sanko 4130 Chromoly Steel
75° head tube angle
71° seat tube angle
9" standover
13.25" chainstay (slammed)
11.6" bottom bracket height
Top tube and down tube gussets
Dent resistant oval downtube
Investment cast wishbone and Contender seatstay bridge
D-Shaped stays for extra tyre clearance
Integrated seat clamp
Accepts through-bolt removable brake mounts
Headtube tapped for Gyro tabs
Investment cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners and anti-slip knurling
Top tube sizes: 21€/ 21.3"

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