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Fabric Lumacell USB Rechargable Lights

Brand: Fabric

Code: FABLI001BKFR000

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Brand: Fabric

Available as either single White Front , Red Rear or as a pair.
Compact 30 lumen lightset with USB charging
Keep yourself visible even in low light conditions, with a compact back light that’s perfect for on the go. Powered by COB technology the Lumacell ‘be seen’ light provides vital 180° visibility, housed in a compact, tough nylon case. Direct USB charging means it’s portable and simple to reboot for the ride home.
Excellent side visibility
Stay easily seen on the road with the Lumacell's innovative ovalised lens, spreading light further. The Lumacell's full 180° glow keeps you safe on all sides even in gloomy cycling conditions.
Cable-free charging
Do away with clunky cables with Lumacell's direct USB charging, letting you cut down on clobber for the daily commute or night-time training ride.
Burn Times
Full power: 2.5 hours
Medium Power: 4 hours
Low power: 8 hours
Flash: 8 hours

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