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Vans Skate Half Cab Shoes Black / Black

Brand: Vans

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Brand: Vans

The Steve Caballero signature shoe gets the full treatment with this new updated Skate Half Cab. In all black, this classic shoe favoured by skaters for decades now has all the latest Vans technologies to aid comfort and durability yet retaining those classic looks.  

About Skate Classics

Completely redesigned with skaters in mind, the all-new Skate Classics line delivers more of what skaters need to enable maximum progression. 

The new sidewall finish, checkerboard flag, and “Skateboarding” branding are some of the subtle differences that enhance the iconic style skaters need to enable maximum progression. 

The fully revised upper, moulded heel counter, locked-in tongue straps, and a recut of the DURACAP  underlay offer an essential fit that is more breathable and durable where skaters need it most. 

The two-part foxing, featuring a tougher toe knurl, ensures heightened board contact, and the redesigned gum rubber sole that made Vans famous has been made even better with the SickStickTM rubber compound, plus an internal heel shank to deliver more grip, more boardfeel, more support, and more durability. 

The all-new Skate Classics give you the look you want—with the performance benefits that real skaters demand.