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Vans X SE Bikes Style 36 Shoes PK Ripper Black / Reflective

Brand: Vans

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Brand: Vans

Pay tribute to one of the most famous BMX bike of all time - the PK Ripper - with this ultimate colab between SE Bikes and Vans. 

In 1970, at just 14 years old, Scot Breithaupt organised the first ever BMX race in a vacant lot in Long Beach, California. The rest, as they say, is history, as Scot became one of the main forces in growing the sport. Seven years later, he founded Scot Enterprises, and SE Racing was born. Best known for its “PK Ripper” bike, designed in 1979 and named after BMX legend Perry Kramer, SE has evolved along with the sport, innovating and introducing new bike styles.

The Vans x SE Bikes collection brings SE branding to Vans’ Style 36 silhouette—the 1978 forefather of today’s Old Skool, which debuted the brands now iconic Sidestripe.  Available in three different colorways, the shoe features reflective checkerboard detailing and sidewall art that calls out some of SE’s most popular bikes. 

Composition:Canvas, Suede