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Haro 2021 Lineage Ground Master Bike Chrome - £100 Deposit Pre Order

Brand: Haro


Pre-Order Item
Estimated Date Due: 01/07/2021
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Brand: Haro

£100 deposit secures your Ground Master - due Summer 2021, exact date TBA. 

The bike will be £1599.99 - with a non-refundable £100 deposit - with a balance of £1499.99 when it arrives.

Haro made a flatland specific Master for 1991, so this Lineage version replicates that 30 years on with a short 19.5" twin top tube frame for ground tricks. 

You know the script by now. Haro have taken the look and feel of these 1991 models and upgraded with all the technology and durability that 2001 has to offer and they ride way better than the originals!

• 100% chromoly Lineage Flatland Master frame with 19.5" twin top tube, removable brake hardware, Mid BB shell, integrated head tube and Lineage cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners. Water transfer graphics.
• 100% heat treated chromoly steeper 15mm offset Lineage fork with CNC 1 piece internal threaded steer tube, integrated bearing race, tapered legs,
investment cast dropouts and 990 brake mounts with internal brake cable routing
• 100% heat treated and butted chromoly Lineage Kneesaver bars 8.5” with Haro Lineage CNC alloy top load stem
• Fusion 7075 alloy heat treated 3-piece crank with chromoly spindle 175mm with Haro Lineage Compact Disc CNC alloy bolt
drive sprocket and sealed Mid BB
• Fully sealed wheels with Lineage high flange hubs and double-wall welded alloy chrome rims
• Haro HPF 100 psi tyres 20 x 2.0” front and rear
• Haro Fusion padded Stealth Pivotal slim seat with alloy Fusion Stealt Pivotal fluted post
• Fusion alloy pedals
• CNC Fusion knurled 4.5" alloy pegs
• CNC alloy gyro with Teflon bearing
• Haro Team grips
• KMC K710SL super light chain
• Dia-Compe “Hombre” FS996 brakes with Tech 77 levers front and rear
• Fusion alloy twin torque seat post clamp

Specifications subject to change without notice. 

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