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Haro Sport 1995 Bashguard Custom Bike Chrome

Brand: Haro

Code: HAROSPORT050120

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Brand: Haro

Really nice survivor 1995 Sport Bashguard bike, lightly fettled by us and now ready for it's new owner to ride and enjoy.  

•  Original Haro frame & fork, good chrome. Frame stickers are all original, fork stickers are new reproductions. 

•  Haro Fusion stem.

•  Original Four piece Haro Kneesaver bars.

•  New original Haro TEAM HARO grips.

•  Odyssey Pitbull rear brake and Dia-Compe Bulldog front.

•  New brake cables.  

•  Dia-Compe Tech-77 levers with locking buttons.  

•  1" Gyro.

•  Haro seatclamp. 

•  Primo Powerbite crank and sealed bottom bracket. 

•  New Haro Bowling Ball sprocket 44T.

•  48H OG G-Sport hubs with period Sun rims. 

•  New Haro skinwall HPF tyres. 

•  Set of 4 original steel Haro Fusion pegs. 


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