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Dyno Compe Custom Bike Yellow/White

Brand: Dyno

Code: ALABK220YL000

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Brand: Dyno

Dyno Compe complete bike, bought in from a customer who repainted it (some marks here are there) we cleaned it up and added some new parts, would make a great rider.

1990's Dyno Compe frame and fork.

GT bars.

New ODI Mushroom grips. 

New Dia-Compe Tech-IV levers. 

GT stem.

GT seatclamp.

GT spider (does have a slight bend in it).

New Stay Strong chainring.

New KMC chain. 

New Kashimax MRS seat & guts. 

Dia-Compe MX-1000 brakes. 

New Kool Stop Vans brake shoes. 

Skyway Tuff Wheels with sealed bearings. 

New Halo MXR 1.95" white wall tyres. 

New Savage Wellgo alloy pedals.