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GT Fueler Custom Bike 21.25 Chrome

Brand: GT

Code: ALABK232CP212

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Brand: GT

This custom one-off Alans BMX build started with the aftermarket Fueler frame. This has classic looks but uses all modern geometry and has a long comfortable 21.25" toptube. GT parts include: bars, stem, cranks, sprocket and wheels. The build is finished off with Cult pedals and red wall Tall Order tyres. Optional gyro. 

GT Fueler aftermarket frame, 100% cro-mo, Mid BB, integrated headset, 21.25 toptube length. 

100% cromo forks with custom matched GT stickers.

GT 4 piece bars, 100% cromo, 8.6" rise. Custom matched bar sticker. 

GT flangeless grips with push in bar ends. 

Odyssey Springfield rear brake. 

GT Mallet front load stem.

Sealed integrated headset. 

GT Power Series alloy cranks, 175mm.

GT Sealed bearing BB. 

GT sprocket 28T.

Cult PC pedals. 

KMC chain. 

GT wheels with sealed bearings. 

Tall Order Ramp tyres with red sidewall.

GT Pivotal padded seat and seatpost.